Vendors Space Items
1 Sixth by OC V26 collectibles, 1/6th scale, pop culture, Scifi/Horror/Fantasy
168 Dragon Trading V47-48 Anime figures, statues, plush, swords, and all thing anime
Angelo Esquivel Artist V34 Original art in home decor, prints, stickers
Anime Affinity V19Mugs, keychains, wall scrolls, necklaces, wallets, stuffed animals
Anime Palace V30Anime goods, plushies, figures, toys
Bishounen Boutique V43 Specializing in official and rare anime goods from Japan
Carlyfornia, From The Land Beyond V13 Posters, dvd/bluray, original comic art
Carnage Comics V10 Comic books seller
Chris's Comics V42 Comics, toys, and games
CJ Toyz V14-15 Collectible toy, models/props, and comics
Comic Boards Ink V40 Art, comics
Cupcakes and Switchblades V35-36Cosplay Inspired Clothing and Accessories
Earth Neighborhood V9 Stones and crystals and other magical items.
EAST BAY UNDERGROUND TOYS V11-12 Toys and shirts
fatcity toys V41 Toys
Funky Frames V3-4 Framed prints
Gamers Edge V33 Toys and Video Games
geeky clean soaps V5 Sci-fi, fantasy, and geeky themed soaps
Hoewisch Family Chiropractic Office V17 Spinal screenings
Just Flip TCG V49-50 Trading cards
KOALA Express V6 Plushies, Graphic Tees, Toys and Collectibles
Mejiaarts V46 Quick color caricature/portrait drawings of patrons as their favorite Sci-Fi characters
Michael Calero Art V18 Art prints, original artwork and commissions
MJ Anime Goods V22 Posters, wallscrolls, plush, keychains, straps, folders, shitajiki, etc.
Mpulse Studios V32 Fan art, hand crafted goods
MrOwl V8 MrOwl - A home for all your interests. A free platform to grab and share knowledge about the things that inspire you everyday!
PandaHat V45 Hats, Wigs, Kigurumi
Paradise Rose Shop V21 Handmade Japanese fashion accessories by the artist
Santa Rosa Toy and Comic Con V20 Selling vintage and collectible toys and games and promoting Santa rosa toy and comic con
Snapdragon Collectibles V24 Comics, Games, Collectibles
Stooge Labs V25 Laser cut craft goods
Strawberry Serenade V31 Asian Street Fashion
toyslogic V37-39 anime bags, posters, wall scrolls, and toys
Toyninja V7 toy figures
Wayward Heart Jewelry V23 geeky jewelry, upcycling, and pixel perler art V44 cosplay accessories, harajuku fashion, and steampunk jewelry
YES ANIME V27-29 3D poster, T-shirt, plush, figures.
Exhibitors Space Description
Asian American Donor Program F7 Testing for Bone Marrow matches
BABSCon F2 Bay Area Brony Spectacular in Burlingame
Become One Voice F4 Hosts of Tracy Comic Show and Reptile Expo which are events to benefit charity
Campbell Con V2 Pop Culture Convention in Campbell
Con-Volution F3 Sci-fi and fantasy convention in San Ramon
id10t F6 Music festival and comic conival
Mandalorian Mercs F8 Local unit "Wolves of Mandalore" - Bay Area Star Wars costuming group
SacAnime V1 Pop culture convention with an anime twist in Sacramento
SNAFU Con F1 Sierra Nevada Anime Fans Unite - anime convention in Reno, Nevada
West Coast Avengers F5 Marvel-based costuming group