Hydra Comic Con welcomes panel submissions on a variety of topics, including: comics, art, animation, cosplay, pop culture, video games, and related media. Due to limited space, not all submissions may be accepted.


  • No adult materials or subjects are allowed. Panels must be appropriate for all ages – we’re a family-friendly convention!
  • Panelists must be at least 18 years old.
  • Only two panelists will be eligible for complimentary admission, regardless of the number of panelists involved.
  • Panels should be 60 minutes or 90 minutes in length.


  • Panels must be submitted by May 19th.
  • Panelists will be notified by May 26th.

A/V Information

  • Panel rooms will have a projector and screen, one or two microphones, and speakers.
  • Connections will be VGA or HDMI. If your laptop does not have a cable to connect to the projector please contact us in advance.
  • Internet connections will not be available.


  • The head panelist and one co-panelist will be eligible for complimentary day admission the day of their panel. If two panels are given, the head panelist and one co-panelist will each receive weekend admission.