Artists Space Items
20PX A4 Art of 20PX.COM - Prints, pins, totes, mugs and more!
ariatsuki A41 Prints, art books, comics, commissions
Artwork by Christopher Cayco A10 Poster prints of original artwork.
Beanie A52Artist Prints, Charms, Buttons, Accessories
Black Sheep Comics A40 Comics, prints, t-shirts
Blessing's Art Mind A19 Original paintings, stickers, postcards, portraits drawn onsite.
Brownie 'n Blondie A45 Polymer clay charms and figures, necklaces, and small art prints
Bueno Pizza A18 Prints buttons charms posters comics
Burnt Iced Tea A50 Illustration prints, Decal Stickers
Crispy Creates A24 Prints, T-shirts, Journals, and Charms
Denise Soden - In Liquid Color A1watercolor paintings, watercolor prints
Duck & Frog Creations A51 Key chains, Cosplay Props, 8-bit Art, Accessories, 3d Pieces, etc
Eight Bears A9 Fan art prints, buttons, commissions, enamel pins.
Eiko's Balloons A34 Balloon sculptures by commission
Fairytale Fox Designs A2 traditional illustration prints, originals, pinback buttons, stickers, & zipper pouches.
Fitting and Proper A46 Costume accessories and screen prints
Frederick the Great A42 Two volumes of The Illustrated Women in Science. Two volumes of Frederick the Great: A Most Lamentable Comedy Breaching Time and Space. One volume of The Cartoon History of Humanism.
Gideon Ephraim Art A47 Art prints, pinback buttons, acrylic and wooden charms, acrylic stands, bookmarks, cosmetic bags, glasses cloths
glen canlas art A3 Fan art prints, original work and art commissions.
Heather Rempfer Art A13 Art prints, buttons
Hyperbooster Studio A6 Commission and Prints
Jackie Lo Art A39 comics, figurines, illustration, magnets, buttons, keychain charms
K009 COMICS A35 books, prints, charms
Katie Shaw's Dragon Child A37 Comic book issues and trade volumes, artist prints, and plush dragon toys.
KomunHorangi A23 Charms, prints, buttons, and commissions
KwamaticsA15 Character Prints, Original Work, Notebooks, Stickers, Character Commissions
Lady Rene A14 Superhero Flasks
Lava Alley A29 Buttons, prints, charms, shirts, commissions.
Little Buddy Industries A8 prints, stickers buttons paintings
Made By Aeo A16 plushies, art prints, buttons
Mayshallwin A48 Stickers, prints, buttons, charms, original artwork, zines
Meelee Art A20 Art commissions, pins, and greeting cards
Mega Negi A43 Vinyl Decals, Tshirts, buttons
Mirrankei A22 Prints, Painted Fans, Felties, Pins/Badges, Commissions
Nerdy Cat Crafts A25 Handmade, cross stitched pins, magnets, jewelry, charms and key chains, buttons, embroidered baggies
Planetary Arts A33 Prints, buttons, commissions
RainyTeacup A31 Prints, plushies, commissions, stationary, buttons, charms
Sailor's Stuff A12 Prints, buttons, and keychains.
Sam Snyder Comix A36 Zines, drawings, etc.
Sheila Wong A26 Enamel pins, acrylic pins, prints, fabric goods, stickers
Silicon Valley Authors A38 Books on Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Hamilton, superheroes, and science fiction, all by local authors
Slifer and anne A32 Prints, commissions, playmats, buttons
Sparkling Jellyfish Princesses A49 Prints, stickers, buttons, keychains
Squidyjen A17 Commissions, prints, charms, buttons, small pouches, lanyards, notepads, stamps
The Jelly Bowl A7 Keychains, Buttons, Prints, Stickers, Art commissions
To The Sunnyside A53 Keychains, Posters, glasses wipes, bags, stickers, and buttons
Trish Henry Arts and Crafts A21 Manual cranked small automata, small pop-up books, mini tapestries, alien pet rocks, paintings/art prints, cards, jewelry, etc.
Vampire Pumpkin A11 Art prints, stationary supplies, charms, body pillow cases, bags, postcards, bookmarks
visionarysky A5 Cloud pillows, prints, pins
Watercolor Chaos! A30 prints
WhoathereSara A28 Prints, commissions, buttons
Yojambo A44 Commissions, prints and t-shirts
Yuumei A54 Art prints
Zhen Yue A27 art prints, buttons, crochet charms, handmade traditional Japanese kanzashi hair ornaments, framed original Copic marker artworks