Announcing Catherine Taber

Hydra Comic Con is excited to announce our next guest for 2017: Catherine Taber!

In a galaxy far, far away, Catherine Taber was destined and determined to become a princess, spending her days in a realm of adventure and romance. Upon the realization that her childhood dream of fairy tales and fantasy didn’t exist in the real world, Catherine decided that if she couldn’t be a princess in real life, she’d play one on screen.

Growing up in Georgia, Catherine found herself drawn to storytelling at a young age. From Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to Alice in Wonderland and Lord of the Rings, she loved to read stories of fantasy and science fiction. So she decided to parlay her love of stories into a career that would allow her to be part of the story telling process: acting.

She made her feature film debut in the dramedy The Girl’s Room that garnered critical praise from industry publications. Daily Variety proclaimed her performance as “winning, empathetic and intimate.” Catherine plays alongside Reese Witherspoon in the romantic comedy, Just like Heaven and has made numerous comedic and dramatic television appearances. She can be seen alongside Nicholas Brendon in horror/thriller The Morningside Monster.

This multitalented actress has since gone on to excel from behind the microphone as well, making her voice-acting debut as “Mission Vao” in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and never looked back.

Hailed as a Geek Goddess amongst the sci fi and gaming communities, she has portrayed memorable characters in some of the most popular franchises on the market, including “Cecile” in Metal Gear Solid, “Sienna” in Resident Evil and “Countess Anise” in Guild Wars 2. Taber was nominated for a NAViGaTR award for her portrayal of the lovable “Penelo” in Final Fantasy 12. Continuing her work in that far away galaxy, Cat plays “Vette” in the widely praised Star Wars: The Old Republic as well as “Princess Leia” in the award winning Star Wars: The Force Unleashed & Force Unleashed II.

But she is perhaps best known as “Padme Amidala” in the Emmy award winning series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and as “Lori Loud” in Nickelodeon’s hit new cartoon, The Loud House.

When she isn’t living out her childhood dreams on set, she is giving back to her community. In 2008, Cat started Games For Soldiers collecting donations of video games, consoles and comic books that she sends to U.S. Soldiers deployed to the Middle East. Catherine resides in Los Angeles, California with her Jack Russell Terrier, Penelo.